Instant Brands is committed to reducing our environmental impact by efficiently using natural resources in a safe, profitable and beneficial manner for our customers, employees and communities.

  • We will reduce waste from operations and increase reuse and recycling.
  • We will increase energy and water efficiency and conserve raw materials.
  • We will support the use of sustainable renewable materials and resources.
  • We will design, manufacture and source products that promote environmental sustainability.

Our Progress

  • Pyrex® glass products reduce a consumer’s need for single-use products.
  • The Instant Pot®, Pyrex® and Corningware® products help consumers preserve food and reduce food waste.
  • Through our strategic partnerships, all shipping of finished goods is Carbon Neutral in 2021.
  • By 2026, we will remove in excess of 6.6 million pounds of styrofoam from Instant Pot® packaging.
  • By 2026, we will divert in excess of 19 million pounds of waste from landfills.